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Padre Antonio Soler - Quintets for Harpsichord & Strings Nos 4,5 & 6

Featuring David Schrader and the Chicago Baroque Ensemble.
"Soler's distinctive personality is stamped all over [these quintets]. Schrader has recorded two volumes of (Soler's) sonatas for Cedille Records, and brings the same digital skill and musical distinction to these quintets. He leads a quartet that uses mid- to late- eighteenth century original instruments, in performances that rae lively, tasteful, and finely balanced. The ensemble is ideally recorded." -Fanfare

Catalog Number CDR 90000 030

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A Vivaldi Concert

Unlike almost all Vivaldi CD's which are devoted to several instances of the same genre (e.g., all flute concertos), this "concert-type" program presents a highly varied mixture of vocal and instrumental works including motets, cantatas, concertos, and a sonata, and offers a rare glimpse into the diversity of Vivaldi's genius. The wide range of compositions is well served by the supple voice of Patrice Michaels Bedi and the idiomatic playing of the Chicago Baroque Ensemble.

Catalog Number CDR 90000 025

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