CHICAGO BAROQUE ENSEMBLE presents the following recordings:

Harmonic Joys, Musical Friends: Music of Philipp Heinrich Erlebach (1657-1714) with Mark Crayton, countertenor, on Centaur Records
In spite of the high quality and historic importance of Erlebach's work, almost none of it has been recorded. He was one of the most accomplished German musicians of the generation before J. S. Bach. He anticipated Bach in his development of the new form of church cantata, as well as his absorption of Italian and French styles in his instrumental works. Above all, Erlebach is remembered by music historians as the greatest composer of German songs in his era.

Chicago Baroque Ensemble has earned critical praise and audience ovations for its performances of a wide range of German music, including instrumental and vocal compositions of Andreas Clamer, Philipp Heinrich Erlebach, Dietrich Buxtehude, Johann Sebastian Bach, George Philipp Telemann, George Friederich Händel, and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.

Sonata in Prima in D-Major for violin, Viola da Gamba, and Continuo
Arias from Harmonische Freude musikalische Freunde (Harmonic Joys, Musical Friends), including Wenn das Glücke wetterwendig, Bleibt mein Herze doch beständig (When Fortune comes, My Heart Remains Steadfast); Des Tadlers Stich Verlache ich (I Laugh at the Critic's Sneers); Die Beständigkeit wählt mein Herz allzeit (My Heart Always Chooses Steadfastness); and Den hat Die Unglück nie gefällt, Wer sich darinnen standhaft hält (Ill Fortune Has Never Felled One Who Remains Steadfast)
Sonata Seconda in E-minor for Violin, Viola da Gamba and Continuo
Sonata Terza in A-Major for Violin, Viola da Gamba and continuo

A Vivaldi Concert with Patrice Michaels Bedi, soprano, on Cedille Records
During the seventeenth century, visitors to Venice were stunned not only by the visual splendors of the city, but by the ubiquitous and excellent music-making. It was everywhere - in the churches, the opera houses, the palaces of the ambassadors, in the streets and canals. "It was evening, and the canal where the Noblesse go to take the air, as in our Hyde-Park, was full of ladies and gentlemen. . . . Here, they were singing, playing on harpsichords, and other music, and serenading their mistresses . . . . (John Evelyn, June 1645).

During the first forty years of the settecento one of the most powerful forces in this prospering industry was a vain, tempermental, asthmatic, red-haired priest named Antonio Vivaldi. In four decades this one-man music monopoly produced no less than 750 works, including both hundreds of instrumental compositions, liturgical settings, and not less than 55 operas.

Chicago Baroque Ensembles's program of Vivaldi's music transports the audience to the brilliance of Vivaldi's Venice with a selection of passionate, virtuosic works from the church, chamber and theater, including a generous sample of the Red Priest's relatively little-known vocal music. The Ensemble's performances are critically acclaimed for their ability to engage audiences and bring the music to life.

Concerto in G-Major for flute and strings
Lungi dal vago volto, cantata for soprano with violin
Concerto for Strings in D-Minor
Longe mala, umbrae, terrores, Motet for soprano and strings
All' ombra de sospetto, Cantata for soprano with flute
Sonata in Bb for Violoncello and Continuo
Nulla in mundo pax sincera, Motet for soprano and strings

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